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      "No, you're not, Captain. You come along now and lie down. The windage of that chunk of iron has--"

      There, suddenly and once for all, the theme was dropped. Some man's quick word broke in. Fort Morgan had veiled itself in the smoke of its own broadside. Now came its thunder and the answering flame and roar of the Brooklyn's bow-chaser. The battle had begun. The ship, still half a mile from its mark, was coming on as straight as her gun could blaze, her redskin ally at her side, and all the others, large and less, bounding after by twos. And now in lurid flash and steady roar the lightning and thunder darted and rolled from Morgan, its water-battery, and the Mobile squadron, and from the bow guns of the Brooklyn and Hartford.

      Three Star Camp? he repeated. You are a long way from there.

      Lady Wyndover uttered a cry at the simple question. Then she started off for Oakfield.


      "We?" responded the grave Irby, "No, not we."


      "We're turning in to be landed, are we not?" asked Anna as the stars began to wheel.


      Byssa started up, shaking all the flowers from her lap on the ground, hastily gathered up the folds of her36 garments, and waded out into the stream. But the current had already swept the sandal into somewhat deeper water, so that, to avoid being wet, she was obliged to lift her clothes above her knees. She soon perceived that the task was not so easy. Every time she stretched out her hand she was baffled. The little whirlpools in the stream played sportively with their prize; each moment they bore the sandal under their light foam, and when it again appeared it was in an entirely different place from where its owner expected."Hundred--yes, yes, true. But how? This very morning I chanced upon your secret--through little Victorine--that every stitch in all that flag's embroideries is yours."